Ask Before You Share Bear

Ask Before You Share™

~Our Mission is to Spread Awareness~

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Ask Before You Share Bear

The Allergy Bear™


A cuddly teddy bear that is great for any occasion, including gifts!

This 11 inch bear is soft and cuddly.  Teddy bears are fun for everyone and this one has "Ask Before You Share" printed on his shirt.


Price: $13.95


The Allergy Bear™ was designed as a tool to spread allergy awareness. We thought that if a child can have a toy that alerts people around him/her about allergies and be a cute toy to cuddle and play with, we now have created a situation that encourages allergy awareness and an alert but it does so in a fun manner. Imagine, a child. a teacher, a care giver with Allergy Bear™ on their desk, wouldn't you ask the question, "What does that mean?"  Remind others around about allergies, by spreading awareness we can create a more aware and understanding world.